Monday, March 14, 2005

People news

A round-up of news concerning various Big Dogs and wannabes:
  1. The investigation of Vince Fumo is heating up, with the FBI rifling through his computer files this weekend. The probe is mostly focused on back-room payola that took the form of his soliciting big donations (from companies like PECO and Ikea) to charities run by/for friends and employees, in exchange for his looking the other way on legislative or regulatory issues. Messy stuff.

  2. Bob Casey is promising to stick with the Senate job, if elected, giving up his long ambition of governorhood. To make his promises more convincing, he claims new motivation to help fight the national Bush agenda...

  3. Joan Krajewski, one of the matriarchs of the City Council (and due to retire at the end of her term), has been out due to illness for some time. This is a bit of a puff piece, but tidbit about somebody who doesn't tend to get much coverage.
Hope I didn't miss much else while I was away (visiting my former hometown of St. Louis, MO)!


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