Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Out of the shadows

Well, complaints that Chuck Pennacchio has been overlooked by local media (presumably blinded by the powerful machine that has already annointed Casey) are answered today, as a story about his campaign tops the front page of the Inquirer Local News section. The focus of the story is really about how he's relying on the blogosphere to spread the word and raise his funds, but it does discuss his positions and that he's representing some folks who think voters should have some say in party nominations... It was also paired with an article about the Democratic focus on ousting Santorum, prompted by a Center City visit by Howard Dean. (Ironically, the former article is absent from the Inquirer's online "local/regional" page unless you specifically select "Philly and suburbs," so maybe they're pigeon-holing the story as a city one.)

Local group-blog Young Philly Politics got a hat-tip from the Pennacchio article, although I think a comments exchange got garbled by truncation. Casey's attempt to counter Pennacchio's efforts and "reach out" to the net community himself has met with rather mixed/tepid response thus far, if that discussion is any indication.


Blogger Tim said...

Thank you for noticing the exchange getting garbled by truncation. A a nice phrase by the way.

To me, and I am biased, that in itself is a story. Being dismissed by the Democratic establishment, yet fought agressively online at the same time.


5:09 PM  

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