Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Half a loaf for city ethics

Philadelphia's City Council managed to bring some ethics-in-government legislation out of committee today (and up for a vote tomorrow), but mainly by weakening the bill's provisions. The new measure would subject city contracts to more oversight, but eliminates many other of its original goals, such as decreasing nepotism and gifts or creating an oversight board.
If the bills are passed, people or firms seeking those contracts would have to disclose campaign contributions to any public official in Pennsylvania dating back four years, as well as list consultants they hired - and how much they paid them - to help them land the contract. The consultants would also have to disclose campaign giving.
. . .
In addition, Nutter's pay-to-play legislation would bar anyone who gives a city officeholder or candidate more than $1,000 in campaign donations in a year from receiving a no-bid or professional-services contract worth more than $10,000. Companies giving more than $5,000 would likewise be barred.
Of course, spectators doubt that even this shell of a bill can get enough votes to pass, let alone face a possible Street veto. Yeesh.


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