Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Gaming news -- planning and design front

Apparently there was a design competition for a Philadelphia slots parlor -- I'm a little behind on this one, but it appears to be either of two different sites (12th and Market or the Delaware riverfront), and is probably more concept than contract. The Daily News was one of the sponsors of the event and thus has a flurry of stories about the idea and the winner:
  1. Here's their introduction to the contest, in two parts:
    • A general discussion by Mayor Street of why this is one of the most important projects undertaken in the area in recent years because of the way it can enhance or disrupt traffic in its neighborhood, add or subtract to the architecture of the city, etc.
    • A description of the student contest by its organizer, along with lessons learned along the way.
  2. A call to take these decisions seriously (and for citizens to make their voices heard)...
  3. A descriptions of the winning design for Market Street, which is a spiral of shops and other venues with the casino at the core, and an honorable mention for the same location.
  4. The winning design for the Delaware location, with a bridge theme, and an honorable mention for the same site, with a network theme.

  5. The images of the designs are available online separately from the stories, and you can apparently vote on your favorites.
Amazingly this all took place in an intense weekend, in which the students visited the sites, heard from regulatory commissions, and worked in teams to come up with concepts that took into account the wide range of constraints, from parking needs to architectural interest. Quite a production! Will be interesting to see whether the real future project manages half as much interest.


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