Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tough Cookie embraces Big Brother

In an announcement that surprises nobody, Lynne Abrhaham confirmed her intent to run for reelection to city District Attorney. Her big innovations to come? Surveillance cameras in high-crime areas.
"We need cameras all over the city in the hot spots," Abraham said, adding that such a system would enable law enforcement to trace gunfire.

It was a signal that Abraham, who embraces her "Tough Cookie" nickname, was not about to back off her hard line on crime. She celebrated her 64th birthday with a pep rally in the Mayor's Reception Room at City Hall that featured testimonials from much of the city's Democratic leadership.
I'm sure it's just coincidence that "high-crime areas" so often translates to "black neighborhoods," isn't it, Lynne?
"You can't tell me that a terrorist has the right to be secure from surveillance, and you can't tell me that urban terrorists on the city streets of Philadelphia have the right of privacy when they're ganging up on the corner selling drugs and shooting at each other or at our children," Abraham said. "No way."

The American Civil Liberties Union pointed out that surveillance cameras would bring a host of sticky issues, including whether the images would be subpoenaed in divorces and civil lawsuits over car accidents.
Well, even the black boxes in cars (intended to collect data on safety devices) have been turned against their owners (to show speeding, failure to brake, etc.), so one can only imagine the post hoc uses for an all-seeing eye...

Updated 2/5 to soften the snide remark by me.


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