Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Rustlings in Saidel's wake

With John Saidel's having announced that this is his last term as Controller (unspoken addendum: because he wants to run for Mayor next), possible candidates for his job are already jostling for position. State Rep. Alan Butkovitz just announced his interest, as, apparently, has Common Pleas Court Judge John Braxton.
Both men said they wanted to expand the mandate of the office beyond its bean-counting function, generating ideas to solve Philadelphia's problem of job and population loss.
I'm guessing that the former is the favored candidate here, given an endorsement by Dougherty and the description that he was "standing on a stage that groaned under the weight of the Democratic leaders backing him." heh.

I have to admit that I can't tell how regional candidates rank the various state, local, and national positions. Is City Controller really a step up from State Rep? Is Mayor more exciting/powerful than U.S. Rep? Is it just nice to work in the city where you live, or is Philadelphia the be-all and end-all for those who grew up here? Mysterious.


Blogger ACM said...

On that last confessional part: a friend of mine makes the good point that it can be a lot more satisfying to be a lone actor (i.e., a Mayor or Governor) than to be one of hundreds of legislators, even if it means acting on a smaller stage. Hard to deny that, especially for the ambitious egos that tend toward politics in the first place...

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