Friday, February 18, 2005

An offer to change his spots...

In this week's news of the bizarre, apparently Seth Williams was offered the chance to run against Lynne Abraham as a Republican, giving him the chance to be in the race without having a grueling primary battle.
To hear Williams tell it, the GOP nomination was his for the asking -it would give him time to raise money and build an organization to take on incumbent Lynne Abraham in the fall.

For Republicans, a deal would bring an attractive African American candidate an outside shot at winning their first citywide race in more than a decade.

It was not to be.
I wonder what they see in him that seemed to have cross-party appeal? I guess that candidates for District Attorney are always law-and-order types to a degree that probably trumps much of the partisan differences between candidates for other offices. Still, to look at this letter seeking support, he seems to have enough of a liberal streak to have made their offer a long-shot. Wacky.


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