Wednesday, February 23, 2005

News roundup

Lots of developments in various areas that interest me, after a long dull stretch. To save time and space, a quick roundup here:
  1. confirming previous rumor, Zack Stalberg, longtime Daily News editor until just recently, is indeed taking the post of head of the Committee of Seventy, Philadelphia's nonpartisan political oversight organization. Will be interesting to see what new ideas he brings.

  2. Rendell and other state leaders are meeting to find solutions to SEPTA's funding woes -- the governor meets first with legislators, and then the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (many of them his appointees) are standing by in case he requests a meeting about shifting federal transportation funds around. Wouldn't it be nice if someday these things could happen without an air of crisis?

  3. Philadelphia Gas Works will be cutting rates starting March 1 by a nontrivial 11%, due to a fall in wholesale prices. How convenient that this will be after a couple of the coldest winter months on record...

  4. the new Gaming Advisory Board, established by John Street to help Philadelphia have some say in the handling of new slots parlors, held its first meeting and promptly kicked the public out so that it could scheme behind closed doors. You must be kidding.
Ok, that should hold local news-hounds for a good while! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the PGW price cut is a start, despite the timing. I rarely cook, so I only use about 1 cf of gas a month. My monthly bill doubled in the last 5 years or so from under $7 to $15. I think most of that was due to mismanagement, not gas price fluctuations. I'm tired of getting stuck with the bill for bureaucratic incompetance.

4:34 AM  
Blogger ACM said...

Pretty nice if your only gas is for cooking, but then I guess you get reamed by PECO in the winter. I have gas heat and hot water, so the cold months have meant a jump from an average of, say, $75 to more like $350, which was quite an eye-opener. We already have thermal windows and an energy-saver thermostat, so we're pretty much just weathering it, but eep!

9:35 AM  

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