Tuesday, February 22, 2005

New discipline for state troopers

After a series of sexual and other scandals, the PA state troopers are overhauling their codes of discipline and implementing a sort of one-strike rule. I guess this is good, although that last part could potentially lead to some injustices.
Penny Harrington, a consultant on gender relations in law enforcement who served as an expert witness in the Evans litigation, said the agency's reforms should serve as an example to police departments across the country.

"I think they're sending a clear message to troopers that this is a whole new ball game, and that what had been tolerated in the past" now carries consequences, Harrington said.
Most of the reforms seem like they'd lead to a much more rational and impartial way of handling complaints, which must be best for all concerned.

(via Keystone Blog)


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