Monday, February 28, 2005

More on the Mayoral feuds

Two Daily News stories about the Fattah/Mondesire dust-ups of recent weeks:
  • A history of tensions between the two men, which makes more sense of the way in which the level of rhetoric has ramped up in the virtual absence of real moves. The two men actually represent separate factions of the black political community in the Philadelphia region, with conflicts going back at least two decades, and Fattah added fuel to the fire by switching sides at some point along the way...

  • Fattah promises to decide by the end of this year whether he'll be throwing his hat into the Mayoral race ring in 2007. These guys sure want to have these debates well in advance, neh? The inside guys (Councilmen Nutter and Rizzo, Controller Saidel, and noisemakers Dougherty and Knox) seem to be playing it a bit cooler, but perhaps that's because there's no flame being sent their way...
Looks like we won't see the last of this chest-thumping for a while.


Blogger marjo moore said...

So are you in the business of making predictions? I'd be curious to know what you think will be the setting for Decision '08

if you like to keep the main blog page objective, you could perhaps respond in the comment section, here.

(i have no such qualms about blogger objectivity ;P )

5:53 PM  
Blogger ACM said...

I try not to rant here, but I'd be willing to make a prediction if I felt I could tell more about the relative weights of various Big Dogs, as well as how much their might impresses real voters. Too early for me to read the tea leaves.

I will say that the most credible names in this collection seem to be Dougherty, Saidel, and Fattah, but most of these (especially the first) aren't wasting a lot of air right now, so how serious they are and how the kingmakers might line up behind them are yet to be seen. Of course, Dougherty and Fumo tend to be at odds, so one can make a guess there. How much to read into the big showing for Saidel? Could be real support, could be a nice face on an early event. Ask me in about 18 months...


6:04 PM  

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