Friday, January 14, 2005

Noise from Casey on Megan's Law

Bob Casey, as Auditor General, undertook an examination last spring of the local success at implementing Megan's Law (which mandates community notification of sexual predators). In April he released a withering assessment of the police success in handling this:
"What the report found were serious problems with the community-notification responsibility," one source said. "It's appalling. They only have a handful to keep an eye on. These are really dangerous people."
. . .
The notification by state police did not happen in "several" of the 17 cases, sources said. The law-enforcement officials simply were told they had a "sexual offender" in their midst, which doesn't require community notification, sources said.
Now he's followed up on that report with another making several recommendations for reform, including the appointment of a "Megan's Law czar" to coordinate the various agencies that handle these cases.

How much is this a pet project of his own, how much one of many things he oversees, and how much a response, given his own political ambitions, to the way that this issue was used to batter Allyson Schwartz when she ran for Congress?


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