Friday, January 14, 2005

Next up...

Seth Williams, former assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia, is now gunning for his former boss, Lynn Abraham -- apparently he will announce his candidacy on Monday. His primary goal is to restructure the DA's office:
If he wins, Williams plans to reconfigure the office by assigning prosecutors to geographic sections of the city, as is done in places such as Chicago and Portland, OR, instead of their current groupings by types of crimes, he said.
Interesting. I could imagine a loss of efficiency when the lawyers and courts are no longer specialists in a type of crime, but his suggestion that the DAs would be held more acocuntable by their individual neighborhoods than under the current system is an intriguing one. I'll be keeping an eye out for more information about the relative merits of these positions (and whatever other turf the candidates stake out); this is an off-year election, so it should be easy to pay attention.

Q: Anybody want to change their bets on Abraham for Senate in 2006?


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