Friday, January 28, 2005

Managing Director and other mysteries

America's Hometown has a post about a change of faces at the post of Philadelphia Managing Director, which he likens to the city CEO, overseeing day-to-day operations in a number of city departments. I am willing to accept his assessment, but am also amazed that I've never even heard of this position before (maybe because it's part of the appointed infrastructure rather than elected officialdom?). The longer article is here and includes discussion of Street's appointments from a demographic point of view (specifically Latinos and gays in prominant positions). It's also worth noting the classic Philly legacy structure visible, in that Pedro Ramos, being promoted from City Solicitor to Managing Director, is the brother of Juan Ramos, City Councilman.
(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Managing Director's Office has always been a powerful position and a stepping stone to greater offices. Mayor Goode was at one time the Managing Director. I think we are noticing the office more under this administration for two reasons: there has been turnover in the position and David L's presence minimized in the Rendell administration minimized the position.

Before Juan Ramos was a councilman, his brother Pedro was head of the now defunct school board. He is a fine choice for Managing Director on such short notice. His pedigree--labor atty for a white shoe law firm (forget which one) and as a higher up (forget which position) at Penn, the City's largest employer--is far more impressive than his bro's. If he were not such a soft-spoken, earnest guy, it would not be implausible to think of him as a future mayoral contender.

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Blogger ACM said...

Thanks for the tips. As I say, I'm learning as I go (and it feels like an absolute rush of information crowding into my head), so I appreciate the filling out of my slimmer clues. I noted that some interesting people had appeared in this post in the past, but it's definitely one that had flown beneath my radar until now...

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