Monday, May 18, 2015

Guide to the May, 2015 primaries

Mayor and City Council, plus a heap of judges from Supreme Court (a historical number of openings) to Municipal Court. I've been meaning to do a full write-up here, but it just got bumped by a bunch of other brushfires over the last week or two, so I will direct you to the carefully annotated recommendations that are spelled out at the website of this Center City division -- your local District Council race might differ, but the rest of the positions discussed are city-wide, and these represent my choices for all of those races. Judges were really a challenge, given all the contenders, and we even changed our recommendations between sending our official letter and today (because of some late-released Bar recommendations that allowed us to endorse a couple of candidates who impressed us in person), but this captures our best efforts. Don't forget to vote tomorrow!




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