Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Like vampire bats

Some people seem confused about the resistance to casinos -- other than traffic, what's the problem? I think that the answer is right here
"Yes," Jonas confirmed, most of his players fit that profile. In fact, because Parx players tend to live within 20 miles of Street Road, many go even more frequently [than 3-4 times per week].

"We have customers," Jonas boasted, "who give us $25, $30 five times a week."
These are locals, mostly retirees and the like, gambling several days per week just to pass the time. Even with a bucket of nickels, those folks are frittering away their savings for mindless repetitive "entertainment," and apparently our state thinks nothing of letting them do it in order to avoid unpopular choices like raising taxes or finding other ways to make ends meet. I feel dirty being made a party to it.