Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things a'brewin

Man, I've been absent here for a while, and have a huge backlog of things I'd like to yap about -- pols from Bill Green (a pleasant surprise) to Tony Payton (revenge of the Evil Insiders) to Vince Fumo (who's in, who's out, who might he tap to run his race?); developments around the city (union minority deal, Nutter budget, SEPTA plans, EMS fixes) and state (esp. the Open Records business); and a smattering of other interesting bits. But it looks like I won't be blogging those or anything else for a few weeks. Why, you ask?

baby feet

Well, we have a little project like this on order, and expect it to ship this week. In fact, it looks like production is ramping up tonight and tomorrow. Check my other blog (Just Between Strangers) for arrival documentation, and expect that my head will be in places other than local politics for a few weeks. But I'll be back, inevitably, by the time spring arrives, so never you fear...